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Content 1 (13) / 2011 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
The new technologies, new systems of the arms, new character of wars
Burenok Vasiliy Michailovich
A Generalized Model of the Primary Weapon Systems Conflict
Budnikov Sergey Alekseevich, Koziratskiy Yuriy Leonidovich, Parinov Maxim Leonidovich
To a question on rational structure armed forces of formations in connection with necessity of performance of problems on counteraction to terrorism and the narcotraffic
Kuznecov Andrey Alexandrovich, Peschanskikh Georgy Vladimirovich, Pleshakov Andrey Alexandrovich, Cherkudinov Dmitry Andreevich
SHCO: the Fight against Three Evils (extremism, separatism and terrorism) in the Central Asia
Onischuck Sergey Michailovich
Ways of increasing the availability of radio engineering maintenance of flights to ensure safety during their deployment and use by optimizing the distribution organizational-technical resources
Ziryanov Yuriy Trifonovich, Konovalov Oleg Anatolievich
The equations of dynamics of fighting potentials of opposing groups
Brezgin Vladimir Sergeevich, Buravliov Alexandr Ivanovich
About "a locomotive" role of social and economic systems of defensive appoint-ment in development of Russia
Karpachev Ivan Alekseevich, Korchak Vladimir Yurevich, Vislavskiy Artem Vitalevih, Silvestrov Aleksey Valerevich
Metods of a military-economic substantiation of nonconventional arms
Leonov Alexandr Vasilevich, Borisenkov Igor Leonidovich
Theory and practice of the military-industrial complex improving
Economic aspects of the organisation of aviabuilding manufacture taking into account realisation of methods and controlling procedures (on an example of the aviation
Kalachanov Vyacheslav Dmitrievich, Gut Sergey Dmitrievich, Zhidaev Sergey Sergeevich
ossible ways of improvement of quality ecological management of the defensive enterprises
Chubukov Nikolay Nikolayevich
Hrustalyov Evgeniy Yurevich, Mingaliev Kamil Narzavatovich
Features of the decision of a problem of the analysis of the initial information at creation of system of the state monitoring and information support of anti-recessionary management in parametres of the enterprises and the organisations of an military-in
Gladyshevskiy Vladimir Leonidovich, Shvyrkov Andrey Valerevich
Military construction economy
Features of the defense budget for 2011 and the planned period 2012 and 2013.
Savinskiy Pavel Fedorovich
Model of military and economic feasibility of the stationary storage
Kurbanov Arthur Husain, Kurbanov Timur Husain, Plotnikov Vladimir Alexandrovich
experience of attracting commercial business for maintenance of the armed forces
Kambarov Aleksey Olegovich
Problems of information support
Formation of the knowledge base of expert system of an estimation of military safety: the methodological approach
Buravliov Alexandr Ivanovich, Chumichkin Alexandr Alexandrovich
Model of a virtual transport network of federal system of a mobile radio communication of a special purpose
Gryazev Alexandr Nikolayevich
Algorithm of formation of a virtual transport network of federal system of a mobile radio communication of a special purpose
Gryazev Alexandr Nikolayevich
Military-technical policy
Method of recurrent estimation of parametres of multidimensional regressions with matrix factors in problems of processing of measurements of trajectory
Pitsyk Viktor Vasilyevich, Tungushpaev Albert Tolevzhanovich

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