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Content ¹ 2 (14) / 2011 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
About approaches to mobilisation prep- aration of the industry in modern condi- tions
Burenok V.M.
Cognetive modelling of systems: the new approach
Buravlyov A.I.
Working out of requirements to con- struction of conceptual models with a view of maintenance of process of decision- making at designing of creation and devel- opment of large organizational-technical systems at strategic level of management
Nezhinskiy N.N., Brezgin V.S.
Conceptual model of the macro func- tioning of organizational and technical sys- tems
Gladyshevskiy V.L., Tsyrendorzhiev S.R.
Analysis of native and foreign ap- proaches of concept modeling of the deter- rence strategy
Pechatnov Yu.A.
The methodical approach to a substan- tiation of actions of development of scientif- ically-methodical maintenance of formation of federal target programs
Gladyshevskiy V.L., Makitrin A.V.
Evaluation of scientific and methodolog- ical support of the creation of programs and plans for large-scale organizational and technical systems
Makitrin A.V.
Method of an estimation of the share of the state in the rights to the results of intel- lectual activity containing in exported arms
Smirnov S.S., Reulov R.V., Trushchenkov V.V.
Military construction economy
On the formation and development of integrated structures servicing the Armed Forces a new image
Khursevych S.N.
Integration of nonconventional weapons in the weapon system
Korchak V.Yu., Leonov A.V., Borisenkov I.L.
The mechanism for implementing out- sourcing in the Logistics Forces: Problems and Solutions
Kurbanov A.Kh.
Appropriations distributing model in priority system employing under financing serial purchases and repair in the course of forming long-term development plan in compound organizational-technical system
Shipunov A.S., Vetruk R.Yu.
Military-economic problems of net- work-centric policies of the XXI century
Gorgola E.V., Kvasha V.A.
Personnel training
On the necessity of creating a system of civilian training the Armed Forces
Gorgola E.V., Kvasha V.A.

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