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Content ¹ 3 (15) / 2011 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
Some aspects of information warfare
Burenok Vasiliy M
The analysis of dynamics of confrontation homogeneous groups with different strategies of fire impact
Buravlyov Alexandr I, Timofeev Michail V
Methodological approach to define deterrent damage with subject characteristics of an opponent
Pechatnov Yuriy A
Estimation of efficiency of works on rationing the expense fuels, oils, greasings and special liquids at operation of automobile technics
Dimitrov S.I.
Risk analysis in aerospace design.
Spitzin G Alexander, Khmelevoj V.V.
Theory and practice of the military-industrial complex improving
New streams of usage IT in complicated production management
Kudryavcev Gennadiy Ivanovich
An assessment of the investment activities of economic entities of the military-industrial complex in the post
Vikhrov V.A.
The system approach to the investigation of innovations in the military-industrial complex of the advanced countries
Kutsyna Elena Aleksandrovna
Military construction economy
Organization of internal financial audit financial, economic and business activities in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Zakutnev Sergey Y
Improving methods to assess the effectiveness of innovation to create advanced models of AME
Firov Alexandr Nikolayevich
To a question of definition of financial risk at pricing on military goods
Podolskiy Alexandr G
Task of optimum updating of the state defensive order in the course of realisation of program actions of a government program of arms
Buravlyov Alexandr I, Monin Sergey A
Proceedings of young scientists
Application of the method of optimum planning of computing experiment at modelling of technical maintenance of armies
Pyankov Anton A
About a way of an estimation of balance of variants of development of system of arms on the basis of a principle of completeness and application of methods of stochastic modeling
Belorozov Roman Sergeevich
Technique of an estimation of losses of grouping of strategic nuclear forces in the conditions of counteraction of system of antimissile defense of the USA
Fazulin Stanislav Albertovich
The methodical device of ranging of crucial objects of the opponent with a view of the decision of power strategic deterrence
Skrypnik Alexander Victorovich
Organizational infrastructure of venture investment of innovative activity
Dikul L.O.

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