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Content ¹ 4 (16) / 2011 Issue in pdf
Personnel training
Military and economic, science and training in modern conditions
Burenok Vasiliy M, Vikulov Sergey F
Military-technical policy
On the question of criteria for determining highprecision weapons
Buravlyov Alexandr I
Methodical aspects of making up of complex purpose- oriented programmes of building of nontraditional armament and technics
Borisenkov Igor Leonidovich, Leonov Alexandr V, Nesterov Denis Vyacheslacvovich
Management Model Technical Maintenance Of Armies
Buravlyov Alexandr I, Pyankov Anton A
Ontology of military technologies: Bases, Structure, Visualisation and Application
Ivlev Aleksey A, Artemenko Valery Borisovich
Problems of military-technical cooperation
Methodical Aspects of Transition to Program and Target Management for Development of the Air Defense United System of the Participants of the Independent States Commonwealth
Travkin Alexander Anatolievich, Sutyrin Vladimir Valerevich
Criteria for rational substantiation of nomenclature of non-lethal weapons to solve problems within the Framework of the Collective Security Treaty
Pronin Aleksey Urevich
Problems of military-industrial complex
Problems in the management of dual-use standards
Kleymenov Yuriy Anatolyevich, Mironov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Maleygin Valeriy Vasilyevich, Kojevnicov Aleksandre Nicolaevich
Actual problems of standardization and deployment of the defence production automatic identification in Russian Federation
Kleymenov Yuriy Anatolyevich, Tolstov Georgiy Stanislavovich, Mironov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Ovchinnicov Andrey Aleksandrovich
Methodology of military-social policy formation and realization
Multiplicate effect from fulfillment of crimes, Connected with a drug trafficking in military units and other isolated social and economic systems
Peschanskikh Georgy V, Pleshakov Andrew A
Military construction economy
The innovative activity as an element of the military and economic preparations
Kutsyna Elena Aleksandrovna
Problems of information support
Problems of manage net social in information wars
Chumichkin Alexandr A
Proceedings of young scientists
Estimation of influence of actions for purchase and arms repair on parametres of equipment of fighting structure of armed forces of the Russian Federation
Monin Sergey A
An approach to determining the best development program of space weaponry in terms of resource constraints
Gorbunov Evgeniy Dmitrievich

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