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Content ¹ 3 (19) / 2012 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
The problems and specific features of the estimation of conformity of the defence production (works, services) and related proceedings to prescribed standarts
Kleymenov Yu.A., Mironov V.V, Tsheglov V.A.
Method of substantiation of long-term program for creation and improvement of the regional coalition air defense system
Sutyrin V.V., Travkin A.A.
Analysis of queuing systems with discontinuous functions of the intensity of flows
Buravlyov A.I
The retooling of a park of separate type armaments, military and special technics in limited terms of financing
Bobrik I.P., Vetruk R.U., Shipunov A.S.
About the possible approach to definition of a role and a place of the weapon of the directed electromagnetic energy in the mechanism of power strategic deterrence
Skrypnik A.V.
Military Economy and Finance
Introduction of systems of information support of the knowledge-intensive production at the production organization in aircraft industry
Manturov D.V, Yefimova N.S.
Methodological approaches to reduce the risks associated with the implementation of measures to create military products
Podolskiy A.G., Kosenko A.A.
A Long-Term Forecast of Market Prices for Combat Aircraft and Strength of National Air Forces
Galtschenko A.V., Tegin V.A.
Rare-earth metals in production chains of the US military-industrial complex
Degtereva E.A.
Assessment of competitiveness of the enterprise of defense industry complex
Kuzin P.I.
Analysis of revenue budget fiscal system Russian Federation administered organs of internal affairs
Opalskiy A.P., Belova S.N.
Problem questions of the organization of intra firm planning of innovative activity of the defensive enterprises of medium business
Adamov A.A.

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