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Content ¹ 4 (20) / 2012 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
Evolution and perspectives of programoriented planning of development of the weapons system of the Russian Federation
Burenok V.M.
The complex approach to formation of documents of a military-technical policy – distinctive line of researches of institute
Achasov O.B.
Evolution of methods of a substantiation of a government program of arms and the state defensive order
Gladyshevskiy V.L.
System design of development plans of the most important weapons systems
Kotov M.A., Kozlanji V.G.
The Role of S&T Reserves in the Perspective Armaments Development Innovation Processes: Problems and Solutions
Kravchenko A.Yu., Smirnov S.S., Reulov R.V., Khovanov D.G.
Management of development of electronic componental base of military purpose
Zayarnyuk V.V., Matyukhin D.V., Nikolayev V.N., Solomenin E.A.
Military Economy and Finance
Status and trends of the development of military and economic support development plans of weapons and military equipment
Lavrinov G.A.
Military-economic analysis: history, metodology, problems
Viculov S.F.
Financial and economic measures of decrease in risk of emergence of the adverse events connected with creation of military products
Podolskiy A.G., Kosenko A.A.

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