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Content ╣ 5 (21) / 2012 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
To a question of a substantiation of rational structure of the list of priority samples of the arms defining shape of perspective system of arms of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Gladyshevskiy V.L., Shmidt A.A.
Technique of an estimation of a damage at imitating modelling of fire defeat of objects
Buravlyov A.I., Brezgin V.S.
Predicting the outcome of an experiment in military medicine with multi-dimensional input data and a small number of observations
Venediktov A.A., Steklov V.I.
Methodology of planning and realization of natural experiments of extreme type for realization of effective strategy of tests the difficult informatively-managing systems
Naidenov V.G., S˝hukin A.N.
A methodical approach to identifying a rational character type of optoelectronic suppression laser assets
Koziratsky Yu.L., Lutsenko A.D., Glushkov A.N.
Adaptive Approach to the Detection of Appropriations Required for Basic and Critical Military Technologies Development
Leonov A.V., Smirnov S.S., Khovanov D.G.
Military Economy and Finance
Problem of the syntheses of the economical route of launch of spacecraft
Averkiev N.F., Bulekbaev D.A.
The US Department of Defense Science and Technology program: organization, planning, management
Nikolaev └.┼.
Identifying systemic level of economic linkages regional development and forms of organizing logistical support for the troops (forces)
Kurbanov A.K., Plotnikov V.A.
Military Social Policy
Influence of regional measures of families with children support on a social status of the military personnel
Venediktova M.M.

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