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Content ¹ 4 (25) / 2013 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
Creating a modeling system – a necessary condition for the development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Burenok V.M., Tsyrendorzhiev S.R.
Methodical bases of structural and parametric synthesis of system of anti-tank weapons of Army Forces of Russian Federation
Artamonov I.O., Ryabtsev R.A.
Problem questions of a ballistic substantiation of regions of falling Separating parts of rockets of space appointment and ways of their permission
Bulekbaev D.A.
The methodical approach to an estimation of importance of samples of arms, the military and special technics at formation of the basic plan of a government program of arms
Buravlyov A.I., Brezgin V.S., Shmidt A.A.
Instrumental methods for predicting the outcomes of the experiment in military medicine in a multi-dimensional input data and the small sample
Venediktov A.A., Steklov V.I.
Problems of development of technologies for the design of aircraft avionics for military purposes
Kosyanchuk V.V., Selvesyuk N.I., Chuyanov G.A.
Technical efficiency of flight simulators usage
Pasekunov I.V.
Military Economy and Finance
Using the principles and mechanisms of public-private partnership in the implementation of large-scale projects for defense p
Boev S.F.
Methodical approach to the definition of sustainable development since the beginning of weapons and military equipment
Podoliskiy A.G., Silvestrov A.V.
Regional indicative planning: organizational and functional aspects
Dolmatovich I.A., Goloviznina O. A.
Problems of application of Russian Defense Ministry normative legal acts in the military social
Venediktov A.A., Venediktova M.M.
Îrganization-economic vehicle of maintenance of stability of realization of interstate programs of creation and perfection of air defense regional coalition systems
Sutyrin V.V., Travkin A.A.
The need of logistic and integrated approaches to maintenance support of military aircrafts
Korolenko V.V., Laznikov N.M.

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