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Military-technical policy
Problems of ensuring effective solution of the propositions of general forces in up-to-date conditions
Achasov O.B., Vylegzhanin G.N.
Optimizing the interactive electronic documentation of aircraft state aviation. Statement of the problem
Gorshkov V.A., Krutovertsev A.I., Osadchiev A.A.
An overview of the US DOD Defense Acquisition System
Bezdenezhnykh S.I., Artemenko V.B.
Assessment of efficiency of performance by the opponent of cyclic problems of defeat in counteraction conditions to its technical means of intelligence
Koziratsky Yu.L., Ivantsov A.V.
A Markov model of recovery of arms and military equipment in the new system of technical service and repair
Buravlyov A.I.
About the abroad development research of new "High-Density Reactive Materials" and its appliance in high-lethality ammunition
Imkhovik N.A., Selivanov V. V., Simonov A.K., Sergeeva A.I., Yashin V.B.
The automated information calculating system for Forecasting of characteristics of vulnerability of flying machines
Komrakov N.J., Korostelyov S.J.
Technology of the automated assessment of efficiency of ammunition of remote action when carrying out their land tests
Muzhichek S.M., Korzun M.A., Novikov I.A., Efanov V. V.
Military Economy and Finance
Statement of the problem of radicalism innovation for weapons and military equipment rational justification degree
Viculov S.F., Firov N.V.
Foresight in military construction: the accuracy of the financial and economic forecasts
Anischenko G.N., Anischenko E.V.

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