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Content ¹ 2 (27) / 2014 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
Problems of the management system of the weapons entire lifecycle
Burenok V.M.
Analytical model for evaluating the effectiveness of air and space defense in terms of global impact precision weapons
Achasov O.B., Buravlyov A.I.
Optimal allocation of resources in the tasks of the program-target planning of the development of arms and military equipment
Buravlyov A.I., Gladyshevskiy V.L.
Quality optimization of interactive electronic documentation of military and general aviation aircrafts. Solution development
Gorshkov V.A., Krutovertsev A.I., Osadchiev A.A.
3D virtual reality in military computer-based training systems
Lukyanitsa A.A.
Mathematical model of process of restoration of arms and the military technics during operations of tactical military formation
Pyankov A.A.
Military Economy and Finance
The development of military-economic science in the age of network centric warfare (the article was retracted by the authors on 31.01.2020 due to the identification of a number of technical errors)
Gorgola E.V., Kvasha V.A.
The method of rational allocation of orders on material resources when planning supplies in the system of integrated logistic support of exploitation of military aircrafts
Korolenko V.V., Laznikov N.M.
Methodical approach to the contract price calculation of repair military aviation equipment depending on the technical state
Shubin M.V., Ermakov E.A.
Estimation of production potentialities of the enterprises of a defensive-industrial complex in interests of formation of the state defensive order regarding purchases of arms, the military and special technics
Ivantsov D.V.

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