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Content ¹ 4 (29) / 2014 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
Towards interdependence between an intended fire engagement and purposed development of the weapons and military equipment system for the Army’s missile and artillery units
Matveevskiy M.M., Zubarev I.V.
Towards necessary development of substantiation methodology and implementation mechanism for the Government arms program as related to the Army’s weapons and military equipment
Sheremet I.B., Zubarev I.V.
Means imitation weapons and military equipment and their efficiency in conjunction with masking agents active
Koziratsky Yu.L., Ivantsov A.V., Shamshin N.N.
Application of stochastic net graphs to plan the complex of work in uncertainty conditions
Gorevich B.N.
Application of interval methods in problems of planning of development of system of arms in the conditions of uncertainty
Pyankov A.A.
Estimation of parameters of the fragmentation of the block «A» rocket “Soyuz” on the passive portion of the trajectory in the problem ballistic substantiation of regions of falling separating parts of rockets of space appointment
Karchin A.Y.
Survivability of military communication system: problems and solutions
Buromenskiy N.G.
Human problems of the military-scientific complex and the ways of their solution at the current stage of the Russian armed forces construction
Karlova E.N., Kurbanov A.H., Romanov N.N.
Military Economy and Finance
The effectiveness of the integration of non-conventional weapons in the weapon system
Viculov S.F., Venediktov A.A.
Methodological basis for the study of quantitative parameters of the armed forces on the criterion of "cost-effectiveness"
Buravlyov A.I., Burenok V.M.
The crisis in the Russian certification of scientific personnel
Viculov S.F.
The economic effect of the use of standardized components in the development of electronic warfare equipment
Anosov R.S., Byvshich D.M., Verich E.E., Glazunov Yu.M., Dmitriev A.V.
Will the current reform in the system of certification of scientific personnel to positive change?
Venediktov A.A.

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