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Military-technical policy
Methodical approach to the estimation of the required amount of natural experiments testing complex samples weapons, military and special equipment
Naydyonov V.G., Krupskiy K.A., Bochkarev A.V.
Application of strategy of an exit of products of equipment of REF in capital repairs on "technical condition" and "resource consumption rates" at justification of offers in the state defensive order regarding capital repairs of equipment of REF
Lutsenko A.D., Bozhkov A.Yu.
Main problems of planning and management of development of system of arms in the conditions of modern system of technical providing armed forces
Pyankov A.A.
Suggestions for improvement of the procedure for carrying out development work on military automated control systems
Bezdenezhnykh S.I.
About the need for a critical reading of scientific journals and books on network wars
Gorgola E.V.
Military Economy and Finance
Principles for evaluating the complexity of research work carried out for the development of electronic components
Bokov S.I., Podolsky A.G.
Features of public-private partnerships realization in the defense industry and military security
Makarov Yu.N., Simnov M.P., Khrustalev E.Yu.
On the effect of man-made emergencies and natural on the military and economic security
Kozin M.N., Bardulin E.N.
Long-term research prognosis of military equipment purchase rate (mass production models): new technique of cost determination based on price-metric analysis
Balaban E.I., Galchenko A.V., Tegin V.A.
Assessment of relevance of development of airindependent power installations and export potential of not nuclear submarines
Romanova E.A., Romanov A.D., Chernyshev E.A.

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