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Content ¹ 2 (31) / 2015 Issue in pdf
To the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory
The role of the State Bank of the USSR to the victory in the Great Patriotic war
Antonuk O.A., Pobedinskij A.Yu.
Historical and methodological aspects of program planning for the development of weapons systems for solving problems in the ocean (sea) theaters of operation
Balakhonov L.A.
Soviet Air Defense at the Great Patriotic War and Postwar Period. Current Situation and Development Perspective of the Russian Air Space Defense
Valeev M.G., Zareckiy B.L., Sutyrin V.V.
Lessons from the financial support of the Armed Forces during the Great Patriotic war
Viculov S.F.
The development of ground-underground defense and means of armed struggle in the years of the Great Patriotic war
Vinichenko M.V.
Building and development of complete set of troops of connection of the General staff (central submission) in they ears of Great Patriotic war (1941-1945)
Zharskiy A.P., Sheptura V.N.
On a comparative assessment of weapons and military equipment from the USSR and Germany, and their allies on the eve of the great Patriotic war
Izonov V.V.
Armor is strong and our tanks are fast (Institution-building and improving the combat use of armored and mechanized forces during the Great Patriotic War)
Kirillov A.V.
Material and technical provision(ensuring) to Red Army on the eve and in the course of Great Domestic war
Conovalov V.B., Berezin B.V., Cazacov N.P.
Development of defense fundamental and defense applied science in the USSR in the postwar years
Korchak V.Yu.
Technology and engineers of the Great Victory
Kravchenko A.Yu., Kravchenko A.A.
Air force during the great patriotic war and at the present stage of development
Lazukin V.F.
Development of the Red navy in interwar period 1921-1941
Morozov M.E.
Aircraft designers of Russia: experience of construction department for the development of military aviation in 1917-1945
Rusanov V.Yu.
Transformation of the financial support of the Armed Forces of the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 to the 70th anniversary of the Victory
Savinsky P.F.
70 years after the Great Victory
Sprenguel A.V.
Development of communication technologies and Military communications service since the Great Patriotic war until present time
Khohlov V.S.
Engineer troops of the Soviet Army in the great Patriotic war
Shevchuk A.B., Platonov A.P.
USSR Air Force at the Great Patriotic war
Shibanov G.P.

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