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Content ¹ 3 (32) / 2015 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
Analysis and forecast of research areas for defense purposes in the mechanics
Burenok V.M., Achasov O.B.
Optimization of the sequence commissioning into operation quantum optical systems for adjustment of radio equipmen
Averkiev N.F., Bogachev S.A., Gulyaev I.U.
Computer Science and Engineering: potential for development and application in the military
Burenok V.M., Gladyshevskiy V.L.
Directions of improvement of scientific and methodological apparatus of substantiation of development of armament, military and special equipment of General purpose Forces taking into account the changing nature of armed struggle
Achasov O.B., Kotov M.A., Kozlanji V.G.
Management of high-tech projects in the R&D stage
Buravlyov A.I.
Choice by many criteria of the optimum variant of development of system of arms c use of the method of the complex estimation
Pyankov A.A.
Military Economy and Finance
Suggestions of computer aided scientific and technical readiness groundwork estimation problem for weapons, defense and special technology development on the defense engineering ontology basis
Lyaskovsky V.L., Artemenko V.B.
The nature and content of the concept of the upper limit price of military products
Podolsky A.G.
Balance of public and private interests in the formation of military social policy
Venediktov A.A.
Problems of implementation of the state defense orders in economic and legal conditions of 2015
Kandybko N.V., Avdeev M.V.
Methodological aspects of economic efficiency of logistics processes in the system of material-technical supply
Babenkov A.V.

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