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Content ¹ 4 (33) / 2015 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
How much is national security: the question of the costs of protecting the security of individuals and states
Buravlyov A.I.
Methodical approach justify the balance of military and non-military measures to solve the problem of strategic deterrence in the pre-nuclear period
Tsyrendorzhiev S.R.
Approach to the study of problems of formalization of requirements for air simulators and evaluation indicators of the degree of adequacy of simulation of flying objects for testing of complex weapons systems
Naydyonov V.G., Bochkarev A.V.
Multi-sensor Data Fusion Technology Applied to Precision Weapons
Andrushenko M.S., Stepanov V.V.
Application of software arena for simulation of stochastic network graphs
Elantsev G.A.
Multi-criteria evaluation of military equipment with hybrid function preferences for example, unmanned aerial vehicles
Nesterov V.A., Sudakov V.A., Obnosov B.V.
Target planning strategic directions development of a technical system of radiation, chemical and biological protection of troops and population
Erin A.E., Kozyrev A.S.
Automation of planning processes of the art electronic warfare
Orlov V.A., Byvshich D.M., Yarygin Y.N.
Military Economy and Finance
To assess the complexity of the development of military products
Podolskiy A.G., Kosenko A.A.
Analysis of problematic issues functioning of the center of logistics military districts (fleets) of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
Bychkov A.V., Kurbanov A.H.

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