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Military-technical policy
Near-Earth Space Monitoring System Justification in Course of Strategic Containment
Achasov O.B., Astrakhantsev M.V., Oleynikov I.I.
On the Matter of Approximate Evaluation of the a Single Target Destruction Probability by Means of High-Precision Ammunition
Buravlyov A.I., Brezgin V.S.
Methodical Provisions of Problem-Solving Procedure Development for Perspective Military Automation Device Complex Management
Alekhin T.Yu.
A Method of Predictive Cost Estimation of Military Full-Scale Radio Electronics Samples Production for Lack of Analogues
Orlov V.A., Strokova T.M., Garashchuk E.A.
Modeling of Complex Weapon Fighting Efficiency Maintenance
Dyakov A.N., Reshetnikov D.V., Boyarshinov S.N.
An Approach to a Mathematical Combat Modeling in the Course of Military Low-Intensity Conflict
Zaitsev D.V., Soskov D.Ju., Salov V.E.
Military Economy
The Main Methodological Principles of Integrated Informational Retrieval and Analytic System Forming Intended for Weapon, Military and Special Equipment Development Management
Bokov S.I., Voronkov O.V., Chuprinov A.A.
The Formalized Problem Statement of the State Defense Order Rational Variant Forming on the Assumption of the Arms Market Monopolization
Podolskiy A.G., Shvyrkov A.V.
Pricing Features of the Military-Industrial Complex Enterprises on the Basis of the Feedback Calculation Method
Torgun I.N., Afonina O.A., Pisarev A.K.
Cash Flow Accounting Improvement at the Military-Industrial Complex Enterprise by Means of Multi-Project Method
Torgun I.N., Onokoy T.Yu., Pisarev A.K.
Problems of military science and public administration
On the Matter of Information and Ideological Work in the Field of Defense: Historical Experience and Ensuring of the Modern Russia Security
Kiknadze V.G.

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