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Content ¹ 4 (37) / 2016 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
Swarm Control Technology as an Armament Line of Development
Burenok V.M.
Method of Complicated Military and Technical Systems Operators’ State Monitoring
Martyanov A.N., Drobot I.S.
Diversification as a Factor of the Defense-Industrial Complex Functioning Effectiveness Increase
Achasov O.B., Babkin G.V., Kosenko A.A.
Methodological Aspects of the Automated Flight Control System Development Organization
Klyuchnikov S.N., Lavrinov G.A.
On the Matter of Main Problem Formalization of Military Hierarchical Information and Control Systems Development Lines Selection by Increasing of Functional Processes Automation in the Context of Resource Restrictions
Lyaskovskiy V.L., Bresler I.B.
Methodological Approach to the Complicated Electronic System Maintenance Schedule Adjustment in the Issue of Their Operation Process Monitoring
Naydyonov V.G., Kotov M.A., Pershin E.V.
Planning and Implementation Problem Issue of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Technical Support Arrangement within the Scope of State Armament Program and Solution Approaches
Pyankov A.A., Belorozov M.S.
Military Economy
Macroeconomic Conditions for Implementation of the Military Construction Resource Providing Activities Strategic Objectives in the Russian Federation
Gorgola E.V., Tsyrendorzhiyev S.R.
The Formalized Problem Statement of the State Defense Order Rational Variant Forming in the Context of the Armament Market Monopolization
Podolskiy A.G., Shvyrkov A.V.
A Method for Arms and Military Equipment Stock Technical Level Estimation in the Course of Purchase and Maintenance Program Measures Implementation
Buravlyov A.I.
Brief Review of US Department of Defense Small-Scale Business Support Programs
Bocharov L.Yu., Korchak V.Yu., Toujikov E.Z.
Information and Financial Technologies of Hybrid War
Yugay T.A.
Aircraft Propulsion Engineering Products Demand Forecasting in the Open Competitive Market
Prosvirina N.V., Tikhonov A.I., Laznikov N.M.
The System of Indicators Characterizing the Infrastructure Objects for the Benefit of the State Defense Order Forming
Nikolaev N.V.

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