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Methodology of the Interdepartmental Coordination Program Formation of Fundamental and Applied Research in the Field of National Defense and Security
Alfimov S.M., Gorbunov V.V., Lyaskovskiy V.L.
Electronic Warfare Sample Life Cycle Optimization
Karpukhin V.I., Anosov R.S., Byvshich D.M.
On the Matter of Integrated Assessment of Russian Strategic Arms Grouping Efficient Application in the Uncertain Strategic Situation
Muntyanu A.V., Muntyanu A.A., Grishin S.S.
The Technique of a Residual Arms, Military and Special Equipment Resource Calculation
Pitsyk V.V., Kazarinov V.N.
The Algorithm of Military and Technical Innovation Efficiency Estimation in Military Motor Vehicles Samples within the Framework of Weapons, Military and Special Equipment Development Target Program Planning
Bogdanova E.L., Smirnov S.S., Chelyanov E.R.
Military Economy
Product Quality Optimization Problem on the Assumption of Its Assurance Defined Costs Level
Buravlyov A.I.
The Complex of Methodical Substantiation Techniques of Proposals for the State Defense Order Concerning the Special, Military and Other Objects Capital Construction
Nikolaev N.V.
The Overhead Limit Price: the Indicator of Budget Funds Effective Spending
Podolskiy A.G.
Justification of Networks Resistance Level to the High-Power Electromagnetic Radiation Impact on the Basis of the Efficiency-Cost Criterion
Razumov A.V., Sugak V.P., Fyodorov D.A., Pokora A.F.
Training of scientists
Scientific Brainpower Certification in the Russian Federation and Belarus: Comparative Analysis
Venediktov A.A.

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