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Military-technical policy
Whether Rank Concordance Coefficient Characterizes the Dimension of Expert Assessment Coordination?
Venediktov A.A., Serebryakov K.G.
The Effectiveness of Electronic Warfare Equipment Life Cycle
Anosov R.S., Byvshich D.M., Dmitriev A.V.
Certain Problems of CRCC “Strelets” (Rifleman) Software Quality Estimation and Assurance
Baliberdin V.A., Markelov E.A.
Game Problem of Aerospace Attack and Defense Systems Confrontation Optimization
Buravlyov A.I.
A Model of Armament and Military Equipment Technical Maintenance System on Basis of Logistic Support Analysis
Kravchenko A.Yu., Sudov E.V., Artemenko V.B.
Fundamental and Applied Research Planning in the Interests of State Defense and Security under Present Day Conditions
Pankov S.E., Borisenkov I.L., Smirnov S.S., Reulov R.V.
Methods of the Helicopter Defense Avionic Configuration Validation in Counteractions of the Enemy Advanced Air Defense
Koziratsky Yu.L., Dontsov A.A., Khilchenko R.G.
The Methodical Approach to Scientists’ Work Efficiency Assessment at the Research Institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Podolskiy A.G., Kosenko A.A., Syabruk L.F.
Import Substitution in the Matter of Military Products Manufactural Support: Theoretical and Applied Aspects
Kurbanov A.Kh., Naruzhny V.E.
By the estimation of the complexity of creating and prices science and technology military products
Podolskiy A.G., Babkin A.V.

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