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Military-technical policy
Equipment Sample: Out-of-Date, State-of-the-Art or Advanced?
Burenok V.M., Durnev R.A., Krjulov K.J.
On the Perspective Projectile Models Development Problems
Podvalnyy A.M., Prudnikov A.G.
A Method of Military-Space Defense Armament, Military and Special Equipment Development Option Feasibility Assessment
Vylegjanin G.N., Zavyalov I.S., Rymkevich S.N., Fedorova E.A.
On the Aggregate Model Making of the Forces Confrontation
Buravlyov A.I., Gorshkov P.S.
Military Economy
Industrial Policy: Guidelines and Priorities under Digital Transformation
Pimenov V.V.
Evolution of the USA Defense Research and Development: Amount and Structure of Financing
Pankova L.V.
A Prediction of Defense Material Production Samples Value
Balaban E.I., Galchenko A.V., Tegin V.A.
Estimation of Economic Effect Received as a Result of Multipurpose Adjuster Application for Microwave Devices Setting in the Course of Sophisticated Radio-Electronic Complexes Manufacturing
Podstrigaev A.S., Smolyakov A.V.
Mathematical and instrumental methods of Economics
Arguments Used to Support the Russian Time Calculation System Efficient from the Economic Viewpoint
Venediktov A.A., Vikulov S.F., Lukyanitsa A.A.
Proceedings of young scientists
On the Application of the Econometric Method for Industrial Enterprise Product Price Forecasting in the Interests of the Competitiveness Recovery
Lavrinov G.G.

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