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Content ¹ 1 (43) / 2018 Issue in pdf
Reasonable Arms: the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Military Matters
Burenok V.M., Durnev R.A., Krukov K.U.
The Indicator System for the State and Development Prospects of the Land Electronic Warfare Forces and Means Comprehensive Analysis
Lastochkin Yu.I., Yarygin Yu.N., Byvshikh D.M.
Weapons system development resonances
Leonov A.V., Pronin A.Y.
Military-Industrial Complex Diversification: an Approach to the Process Modeling
Burenok V.M., Durnev R.A., Krukov K.U.
Effectiveness Research Methodology of Special Purpose Automated Control System Information Support on Basis of the Guaranteed Result
Sugak V.P., Volkov V.F., Trepkov R.E.
Methodical Approach to Information Sources List Optimization in the Course of Program-Target Planning Tasks of Weapon Systems Development
Golubyatnikov K.V.
Demographic Potential of Military Planning: Human Capital of Military Forces
Kalabikhina I.E., Bessonova E.V., Denisova I.A., Kalmykova N.M., Echenique V.J.
Optimization of Military-Industrial Complex Organizations Personnel Management at the Macroand Micro-Level
Podolsky A.G., Kosenko A.A., Ivanov S.V.
The Tax Burden in a Radio-Electronic Complex: Retrospective and Prospective Analysis Aspects
Anosov R.S., Byvshich D.M., Zelenskaya S.G.

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