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Military-technical policy
Methodical Approach to an Over-the-Horizon Forecasting of Weapon Systems Development
Burenok V.M., Durnev R.A., Krukov K.U.
On the Matter of Object Damaging Modified Area Definition
Buravlyov A.I.
The Selection of Conflict-Stable Strategies of the Electronic Warfare Equipment Development in the Parties’ Re-equipment Dynamics
Karpuhin V.I., Lutsenko A.D., Orlov V.A.
The Generation Procedure of Space-Rocket Hardware Measuring Information Processing Quality Requirements
Shmelev V.V., Kopkin E.V., Samojlov E.B.
On the Need for Strategic Scientific and Technological Armament Development Planning of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Smirnov S.S., Reulov R.V.
Control of Radio, Electronic Intelligence Aids Rational Types in the Interests of Electronic Warfare Reconnaissance and Information Support
Lutsenko A.D., Radzievskaya T.V.
Military Economy
A Program of the Scientific and Technological Provision of the Arctic Region of the Russian Federation: Methodological and Organizational Aspects of the Formation
Pankov S.E.
A Modular Approach to the Advanced Military Individual Equipment Development
Artamonov I.O., Markelov E.B.
Demographic Potential of Military Planning: Human Capital of Army Contingent
Kalabikhina I.E., Bessonova E.V., Denisova I.A., Kalmykova N.M., Echenique V.J.
Modified Evaluation Method of the Scientific and Technological Achievements Impact on the Advanced Weapons Development
Leonov A.V., Pronin A.Yu.

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