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Content ¹ 3 (45) / 2018 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
Scientific and Methodical Approach to Argumentation of the General-Purpose Military Technical Equipment Optimal Advancement Based on New Numerical Algorithm
Achasov O.B., Kotov M.A., Lukyanitsa A.A., Belebekha S.V.
Over-the-Horizon Forecasting: Main Provisions of the Expert Poll Questionnaire
Burenok V.M., Durnev R.A., Krukov K.Yu.
A Problem of Reliability Optimization Degree of the Weapons and Equipment Simulator Mathematical Model
Kozhenkov A.O., Mishchenko M.V., Sviridova E.N.
Conceptual Approach to the Estimation of Deep-Water Submergence Rescue Vehicle Air Transportation Effectiveness
Kramorenko A.V., Skakun A.N.
Creation of the Methodological Basis in the Field of Scientific and Technological Projects Results Monitoring in the Foreign Aircraft Building
Sypalo K.I., Kolpakov S.K.
Military Economy
On the Indicator of Expert Assessments Consistency
Venediktov A.A.
An Analysis of the of the Islamic State Financing Sources as a Basis of the Counteraction against Terrorism Possibilities Study
Epifanova N.S., Bashkina A.A.
Methodology of the Program Activities Formation in Terms of Technologies and Directed Energy Weapon Samples Creation with Regard to the Russian Federation Military and Technical Security Threats
Smirnov S.S., Lyaskovky V.L., Nesterov D.V.
Governmental Regulation of Innovative Electronic Warfare Reconnaissance and Information Support Equipment Creation
Glazunov Yu.M., Lutsenko A.D., Radzievskaya T.V.
Repair of Military Aviation Equipment within the Scope of Public-Private Partnership
Kononova Ya.G., Shubin M.V., Ermakov E.A.

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