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Content ¹ 2 (48) / 2019 Issue in pdf
In the System Positions – To the 25th Anniversary of the «Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences»
Burenok V.M.
Military-technical policy
Generation Algorithms of an Advanced Weapon Samples List Suggested for the Development and Including in the Inventory of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Leonov A.V., Pronin A.Yu.
Mathematical Model of the Test Site Computing Complex for the Experimental Test Facilities Optimal Type Justification Problem Solution
Naydyonov V.G., Pershin E.V.
The Aircraft Vibration Effect Problems on the Fuel System State under the Low Temperature Condition
Gabdrashitov I.R.
Military Economy
Conceptual Model of the Operating Condition Monitoring Subsystem within Weapons, Military and Special Equipment Full Life Cycle Control System Structure
Tselykovskih A.A., Mosendz T.A., Dubovsky V.A.
Procedural Model of the Technical and Economic Initial Data Verification Used for the Armament State Program Development
Podolsky A.G.
The Justification Method of the Fuel Supply Level and Its Location at the Stationary Storage Facilities
Mokrousov A.S.
Training of scientists
Up-to-Date Problems of Higher Qualified Scientific Manpower Training in the Military Science Specialties and the Guidelines of Its Improvement
Rakhmanov A.A., Kuleshov Yu.V., Lomako A.G., Maltsev G.N.
“Confidential” Dissertations: to Be or not to Be?
Venediktov A.A.

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