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Military-technical policy
The Definition of the Next-Generation Combat Equipment
Burenok V.M.
Scientific-Methodical Approach to the Hypersonic Weapon of Rational Complex Synthesis Justification
Braitkraits S.G., Evdokimov V.A., Bukhtiyarov V.V.
Methodology for the Military-Economic Efficiency Evaluation of the Armored Force Created (Upgraded) Weapons Samples
Golovachev G.I., Dulepa V.V.
The Logical-Linguistic Model for the Metal Covering Technical Condition Changes Prediction of the Launch-Site Complex Zero Mark
Gula D.N.
Analysis of the Very Small Space Vehicle Developmental Trend
Naumochkin D.V., Petuhov A.I., Poluyan M.M.
A Methodical Approach to the Military Information System Requirements Substantiation
Chumickin A.A., Tolchkov A.N.
Military Economy
Ambiguity: Its Role and Position in the Course of the Estimated Time and Roadmap Events Value Econometric Models Application
Lavrinov G.A., Podolskij A.G.
Model of High-Tech Product Creation Projects Resource Supply Management
Buravlyov A.I.
Feasibility Study Algorithm for Innovation Implementation Need for Assigned Resource Indicators Overhaul-Period and Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Spaceports Load Lifting Mechanism Life-cycle Renewal
Gula D.N., Marchenko M.A.
On the Matter of Dynamic Model Creating for the Analysis of Digital Technologies Implementation Advisability in the Defense Industry Enterprise Resource Management System
Topchij P.P., Terebukhin A.V., Podolskij A.G., Nazyrova D.R.
Non-lethal Wars – Experience of Philosophical and Economic Understanding of Modern National Security Problems
Venediktov A.A.

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