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Content ¹ 2 (52) / 2020 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
A New Paradigm of State Force Confrontation on the Basis of Artificial Intelligence Application
Burenok V.M.
Technical and Economic Indicator of the Early Warning Radar Creation Effectiveness
Logovsky A.S., Maltsev G.N., Rakhmanov A.A., Timoshenko A.V.
Defense Production Catalog as an Instrument of Coordinated planning of the State Armament and Defense Industrial Complex Development Programs of the Russian Federation
Andreykov I.P., Pyankov A.A.
Quantum Information Processing: Fundamental and Applied Aspects
Bobrov I.B., Borschevskaya N.A., Dyakonov I.V., Kondratiev I.V., Kovlakov E.V., Kulik S.P., Straupe S.S., Struchalin G.I., Sysoev N.N.
On the Matter of Weapon Updating Rates Substantiation for the Achieved Level Maintenance of Weapon System Development
Shmidt A.A., Shahrai V.N.
Military Economy
Experience of the USSR and Russian Armed Forces Financial Provision in the Course of Local Wars, Military Conflicts, Peacekeeping and Counter-Terrorist Operations after the Great Patriotic War
Turko N.I., Venediktov A.A.
The Russian Federation Military Security Threat Parrying in the Conditions of Unpredictable Scientific and Technological Progress
Babkin G.V., Lavrinov G.A.
Problematics of National Guard Forces Subsistence Support Security in the Conditions of the Logistics System Transformation
Babenkov V.I., Shangutov A.O., Porvadov M.G.
On the Issue of Pricing Management at a Scientific Production Enterprise in the Course of Scientific and Technical Product Creation Planning
Podolsky A.G., Terebukhin A.V.
Comprehensive Assessment of Co-Operative Member Enterprise in the Risk-Based Research and Development Performance
Zubova L.V., Kuzmin V.N., Sherstyuk A.V.

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