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Content ¹ 3 (53) / 2020 Issue in pdf
Military-technical policy
On the Matter of the Assessment of Scientific and Technical Backlog Contribution to the Advanced Technology Military Products Creation
Buravlev A.I., Artemenko V.B.
Quantum information processing: fundamental and applied aspects
Bobrov I.B., Borschevskaya N.A., Dyakonov I.V., Kondratiev I.V., Kovlakov E.V., Kulik S.P., Straupe S.S., Struchalin G.I., Sysoev N.N.
Application of a Stochastic Dynamic Programming Method in the Course of Risk Estimation of New Armament Development Program Timely Implementation Failure
Volkov V.F., Ponomarev A.S.
The Overall Ship Life Cycle. Resource-Process Approach
Leshchinskij A.P.
Military Economy
The Problem Statement of Effectiveness and Efficiency Evaluation and Analysis of the Research Departments and Organizations Researchers’ Scientific Activities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Podolsky A.G., Rodin A.A.
Methodological Approach to the Rational Type Formation of Trajectory Measurement Tool for the Test Site of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Naydyonov V.G., Pershin E.V.
Method of Risk Assessment at the Weapons and Military Equipment Samples Life Cycle Stages
Babenkov V.I., Gasyuk D.P., Dubovsky V. A.
Scientific and Technical Backlog and Practical Feasibility of Caterpillar Chassis Modernization
Sosnovskikh N.A., Malyshev D.N., Shipanov A.N.
The Position and Significance of the Defense Production Diversification and Import Substitution in the Military Security of the Russian Federation
Adamov A.A., Babkin G.V.
Training of scientists
Reasoning about a Dissertation: Research Issue
Burenok V.M., Durnev R.A.

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