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Military-technical policy
The conceptual approach to a choice of criteria and norms of an estimation of potential, quality and efficiency of scientific work in the scientific organisations of the Ministry of Defence of Russia
Burenok Vasiliy Michailovich, Devkin Oleg Igorevich, Lavrinov Gennadiy Alekseevich, Slepov Anatoliy Alekseevich, Tungushpaev Albert Tolevzhanovich
Aggregated model of an opposition of combat systems
Buravlyov Alexandr Ivanovich
Perfection of methodical approaches to definition of an efficient type and a numerical structure of general purpose shock arms within a grouping of troops
Pogrebnyak Roman Nikolayevich
Perfection of the scientifically-methodical device of a substantiation of structure of research and developmental works on development of radar-tracking technologies on the basis of construction of structural is functional-technological schemes of perspective samples of radar-tracking arms
Nikolayev Alexander Ivanovich, Yurin Alexander Dmitrievich, Polubehin Alexander Ivanovich
Weapons and equipment boundary combat potential evaluation method
Brezgin Vladimir Sergeevich
Based on adaptive approach upgrading of goal-oriented programming and managing of science and technical stock creation for future arms
Ivlev Aleksey Alekseevich, Kravchenko Aleksey Urevich, Hovanov Dmitriy Gennadevich, Stukalin Sergey Vladimirovich
The analysis of military-technical aspects of domestic military reform 50 – 60 years of the XX-th century
Burenok Vasiliy Michailovich
Theory and practice of the military-industrial complex improving
The methodical approach to the determination of the rational staff of the project participants for the science-intensive items development with foreign customers
Kravchenko Aleksey Urevich, Kotov Michail Anatolyevitch, Sergeev Andrey Vladimirovitch
Methodology of military-social policy formation and realization
Tehniko-legal problems of realization of the rights of families of military men on measures of social support
Venediktov Andrey Albertovich
Military construction economy
Problems of financial maintenance of defence of the country
Savinskiy Pavel Fedorovich
New paradigm in system military-economic researches
Kovalenko Anatoliy Tikhonovich
Some approaches to an estimation of possibilities of national economy of Russia on financial and economic maintenance of a hardware of Armed forces of the Russian Federation
Shchavelyov Andrey Nikolayevich
The methodic approach to the system of allocating grants given to equip strategic restraint forces
Firov Nikolay Vasilevich
Maintenance of preservation of quality of stocks of automobile gasoline, as a direction of increase of efficiency of use of fuel and energy resources in Armed forces of the Russian Federation
Seregin Evgeniy Petrovich, Shatalov Konstantin Vasilevich
The scientifically-methodical approach to an estimation of military-economic efficiency of use of nonconventional arms for the decision of problems of armed forces of the Russian Federation
Nikolayev Alexander Ivanovich, Borisenkov Igor Leonidovich, Leonov Alexander Vasilievich
The limit (limiting) prices and techniques of their calculation
Firov Alexandr Nikolayevich
Proceedings of young scientists
The methodical approach to formation of actions of the Government program of arms in interests of re-equipment of Armed forces of the Russian Federation
Chumichkin Alexandr Alexandrovich, Pyankov Anton Alexandrovich
The methodical approach to formation of set of typical military formations for a substantiation of requirements of armed forces in arms and the military technics
Chumichkin Alexandr Alexandrovich, Monin Sergey Alekseevich

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