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Military-technical policy
The differential equation for a quantitative parity number the contradictory parties
Buravlyov Alexandr Ivanovich
Realization of multisensors for growth ecological security in military automobile technics
Nikolaev Yuriy Nikolayevich, Shmurnov Evgeniy Anatolyevitch, Chubukov Nikolay Nikolayevich
Theory and practice of the military-industrial complex improving
Activization of innovative activity in a defence-industrial complex
Kosenko Aleksey Andreevich, Toporova Yulia Michailovna
Military construction economy
Development of tool systems and methods of the military-economic analysis
Trofimets Valeriy Yaroslavovich
Increase of accuracy of forecasting of cost indexes of actions of a government program of arms
Vikulov Sergey Filippovich, Podolskiy Alexandr Gennadevich, Kosenko Aleksey Andreevich
Estimation of military-economic efficiency of modernisation of aviation technics
Syskov Leonid Vasilevich
Identification of time numbers of exchange rate by methods of nonlinear dynamics
Kasatkin Sergey Anatolevich
Management of budgetary financing of the law enforcement bodies, focused on result
Opalskiy Alexandr Pavlovich, Shcherbina Alexandr Petrovich
Methodology of military-social policy formation and realization
Realisation of problems military-social policy through actions of the state and municipal family policy
Venediktov Andrey Albertovich, Venediktova Maria Michailovna
Proceedings of young scientists
Financial and economic crisis and its reflexion on activity of a domestic militaryindustrial complex
Shvyrkov Andrey Valerevich, Makitrin Andrey Vladimirovich, Timofeev Michail Vladimirovich
Method of the automated formation of electronic interactive catalogues on the basis of Web-technologies
Yelantsev Grigoriy Anatolevich

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