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Military-technical policy
Some directions of perfection of planning in the field of military safety
Burenok Vasiliy Michailovich
Retrospective analysis of the deterrence strategies evolution
Pechatnov Yuriy Anatolevich
Domestic and foreign practice of legal maintenance of building of modern armed forces
Gatsko Michail Fedorovich
Theory and practice of the military-industrial complex improving
Working out of the conceptual logic scheme of the decision of a problem of definition of long-term objectives in the field of anti-recessionary management of development of the integrated structures in an military-industrial complex of Russia in modern conditions
Gladyshevskiy Vladimir Leonidovich, Shvyrkov Andrey Valerevich
Military construction economy
Economy of national safety: a reality and a science
Pozharov Alexandr Ivanovich
Technique of optimization of the nomenclature of samples of arms and the military technics at formation of the Government program of arms
Buravlyov Alexandr Ivanovich, Nezhinskiy Nikolay Nikolayevich
The maintenance of concepts of uncertainty and risk in the field of formation and realisation of plans for development of arms and the military technics
Lavrinov Gennadiy Alekseevich, Podolskiy Alexandr Gennadevich
Questions of the analysis and synthesis of process of re-equipment of parts of radio-electronic struggle
Lutsenko Anatoliy Dmitrievich, Maevskiy Yuriy Ivanovich, Orlov Vladislav Alexandrovich
Military-economic substantiation for version choice of development of armament and defense technology of air defense
Marichev Pavel Alexandrovich, Mushkov Aleksandr Yurevich, Rymkevich Stanislav Nikolayevich
Directions of perfection of system of pricing on military goods
Lavrinov Gennadiy Alekseevich, Podolskiy Alexandr Gennadevich, Bakhanovich Dmitriy Nikolayevich
About influence of factors of uncertainty on the predicted price of research work
Boev Alexandr Semenovich, Goduyko Vladimir Alekseevich, Strokova Toma Mitrofanovna
Modern problems of placing of the state defensive order
Kandybko Natalia Viktorovna
Ordinal evaluation method of an estimation of actions of the state defensive order on prolongation of the appointed service life of aviation means of defeat at the limited financing
Miasnikov Aleksey Sergeevich
Information Support
Information aspects of the coordination of parametres of managerial processes by development of arms and the military technics and an defence-industrial complex
Pyankov Anton Alexandrovich
Development of aviation instrument making with use of information technologies (on an example of creation of a radar for the fighting aviation technics)
Kalachanov Vyacheslav Dmitrievich, Kruglyaeva Ekaterina Alexandrovna
Training of scientists
About one approach to identification of a scientific problem in dissertational research
Gorshkov Vladimir Anatolevich, Shipilov Valeriy Valerevich

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