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Content No.3(61) 2022 Issue in pdf
To the 45th Anniversary of the 46 Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
O.B. Achasov, G.V. Babkin, V.M. Burenok, G.A. Lavrinov
National Weapons Development Program Management History and Its Main Milestones
G.A. Lavrinov
The State and Directions of Military-Economic Research Improvement in the Course of the Weapons and Military Equipment Development Prospects Substantiation
S.F. Viculov, V.L. Gladyshevsky, D.V. Khudyakov
Some Problematic Issues of Scientific Support for the Russian Military Organization Development
S.A. Monin, A.V. Shvyrkov, R.S. Belorozov, I.A. Karpachev
Substantiation of the State Military-Technical Policy Directions as One of the Basic Scientific Problems that 46 Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Deals With
Y.A. Pechatnov, I.A. Martynov, D.M. Semerunin
Military-Technical Experiments as an Element of the Selection Mechanism of Initiative Weapon Samples Developments
R.V. Reulov, S.V. Stukalin, A.Y. Pronin
Basic Technologies Development in Modern Times: Justification, Planning, Implementation
A.V. Leonov, V.V. Titorenko, V.V. Trushchenkov
Modern Stage and History of Non-Traditional Weapon Creation and Equipment Development Methodology to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
A.A. Muntianu, S.S. Grishin
Methodological Aspects of the Strategic Missile Weapons System Development at the Joint Service level
E.A. Antokhin, �.�. Evdokimov, A.V. Zakharov, D.V. Pavlov
Scientific Methodologies Transformation of the General-Purpose Armament System Development Substantiation with Consideration to the Modern Baselines of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Application
A.A. Zaitsev, V.I. Molokanov, M.V. Fateev
The Role and Place of Emergency Logistic Stocks in the Armament System of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
V.B. Artemenko, I.V. Bezdenezhnyh, Y.L. Vasiletskiy
Military Scientific Information System of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
V.V. Moiseev, �.A. Pyankov, I.P. Andreykov, A.V. Gubanov
Supplies Cataloging of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: History of the Issue, Results Achieved, Directions of Development
A.S. Afanasyev, V.A. Sobolev, M.A. Boldyrev, V.Ch. Dolidze
The Main Stages of the Military Electrical Engineering Development
�.I. Koncha, K.S. Lopatkin, Y.N. Savel�ev
The Main Milestones of Microwave Electronics Development
A.I. Irikhov, I.M. Marmalyukov, V.I. Moskalenko
Domestic State Identification Systems and Means
V.N. Postnov, E.I. Posysaev
Assurance of the Weapon and Military Equipment Electronic Equipment and Electronic Component Base Resistance to Environmental Exposure
G.I. Dulskiy, V.Y. Morozov, S.V. Starostin, S.S. Francuzov
Methodology of Military Electronics and Electrical Engineering Quality and Reliability Assurance: Yesterday and Today
K.A. Tarasenko
Scientific and Methodological Approach to the Justification of Technical Performance Requirements for Advanced Trajectory Measurement Systems

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