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Content No.1(67)-2024 Issue in pdf
Weapons and military equipment
Vasilij M. Burenok
Formation of New Views on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Employment Based on the Experience Analysis of the Special Military Operation
Sergej M. Muzhichek, Andrej A. Skry`nnikov, Larisa A. Maslova
A Concept of Acceptable Risk of Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Loss due to its Destruction by of Its Own Bomb Fragments
Vyacheslav K. Abrosimov, Artem X. Keloglyan
The Combat Properties Ontology of Advanced Weapon Samples
Vasilij Yu. Chuev, Irina V. Dubograj, Evgenij B. Markelov
Study of the Enemy Combat Asset Surveillance System Impact on the Combat Operation Outcome
Aleksandr S. Bondarchuk, Vladimir G. Zarubskij
Principles of a Rational Structure and Parameters Generation of Special Importance Sites Security System
Aleksandr S. Gorskij
A Combined Approach to the Deutsch Quantum Algorithm Modeling
Evgenij M. Baty`rshin, Roman M. Vivchar`, Andrej V. Pachin
The Concept of Equipment Technical Condition Management Based on AI Neural Network Technology
Military economy
Vladimir L. Glady`shevskij, Aleksandr V. Leonov, Aleksej Yu. Pronin, Konstantin V. Lendoev
Interactive Model of the Spending Optimization for a Force Grouping Combat Multiplication
Sergej S. Golubev, Anna E. Civileva
On Personnel Sovereignty Ensuring of Russian Industrial Enterprises in Modern Conditions

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